Sticking to your guns
Posted September 28, 2010 at 8:01 pm
Thanks for letting me do this little wacky bunch of comics lately. I wanted to take a break from doing actual story based comics for a bit in between the World Tour and this next upcoming story. The next story is far shorter than the World Tour, but I still needed to decompress a little before I jumped into it. These comics where John & George rebelled against Zombie Roomie have been done fairly off the cuff, as I didn't want to work on something that has been planned for months ahead of time like the World Tour and the upcoming stuff. I had the idea for the Star Trek strip and the follow up... but, I didn't actually want to draw the follow up when it came time to... so, I came up with the idea of John & George hating the script and thereby the guys would refuse to work on the comic for a while giving me some strips to play around with. The last few strips aren't canon in the sense that they're out of the real continuity of the comic, but they're just fun exercises with the characters in a quasi 4th wall environment. I'm not sure if I'll play around with this kind of strip again in the future, but it was fun to escape to for now.
Tags: George, John