The Big Bad Theory - part 12
Posted September 19, 2013 at 8:01 pm
Coming up with how to get to the next part of the story from where we were on Wednesday was difficult. I wasn't sure if it was best that we had George and Zoey discuss things and Sherlock out why George's mom didn't like Zoey... but in the end I thought with the clues presented to Zoey, she'd be smart enough to figure it out. So with that understanding, I felt Zoey was strong enough to confront the situation and lay her cards on the table. That's why I decided we didn't need strips leading up to this explaining more in depth about Zoey's folks and their anti zombie stance... I've hinted at it before, but it's a big reason Zoey moved across the state and why she only sees her family on holidays. When I first came up with Zoey she wasn't anything more than a goth girl who dug the fact that George was a zombie. As Zombie Roomie has progressed, I've redefined various characters and fleshed out their backgrounds... With the inclusion of Zoey's family life to her background, I was able to tie her early appearances into what we've learned about her up until now. It might not be super important to you, but this kind of continuity helps make things gel for me.