The Big Bad Theory - part 27
Posted November 3, 2013 at 7:01 pm
This comic's art was done entirely in Manga Studio. I typically have been working in Manga Studio for sketching and "inking"... then moving to Photoshop to do the coloring/shading and text/balloons. Almost everything was pretty equivalent in Manga Studio except for text and balloons. I had to take the comic into Photoshop to get the balloons and text to feel "right". The system in Manga Studio was just too foreign for me and the comic looked off.  I might continue playing around with them in Manga Studio to get better and cut down the number of programs required to do a ZR strip, but for right now I'll still do the final pass of the comic in Photoshop. With my Cintiq, I've been noticing a low pressure blow out where when I'm not pressing with medium to high pressure, that Photoshop has issues with the pressure sensitivity and will draw a full width line. That's not cool. It also doesn't seem to occur in Manga Studio-- so I'm trying to move more of my workflow into one program.