The Girls Of Zombie Roomie: Zoey
Posted December 28, 2010 at 7:01 pm
Continuing my non-comic updates for this week with a little cheese cake... I have wanted to figure out what kind of tattoos Zoey would have but, I haven't done too many comics that would require me to have them shown... They're all typically covered by her normal costuming. There was the A Zombie's Survival Guide comic "Liquid Diet" where she is shown in a bikini and I thought about giving her tats back then... I just wasn't sure on what they'd be at the time so I left them off. So, that's a big reason for doing this drawing... placing tattoos. Another is I need to draw the females in the cast more often. This was a little practice and I wanted to try and get her looking a little more sexy than I've shown in the comic to date. I've had her in her undies a time or two before, but neither of those were in an over-the-top sexy situation. Also, if this offends anyone or they think I'm objectifying the female characters in my comic... I'll point you to the many instances of full on nude male ass I've done in the comic over the last 14 months. Heh.
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