The Honeymoon's Over - part 5
Posted February 11, 2016 at 7:01 pm
When my girlfriend and I were planning this quick arc for Lyn taking ownership of the newly named Mr. Squishy we had four strips written and no real wrap up... and with today's strip potentially needing to be a Valentine's strip and not having jokes ready for any of the couples in a romantic situation... This idea came to mind. I wanted to play off of the Lady and Tramp scene but I wasn't going to have them kiss. Instead the idea of the giving of the meatball popped into my brain. This situation is entirely fictional as my girlfriend would give her pets the meatball... it's a constant at the dinner table that she's giving away at least half of her food to the cats that come beg at her legs. Unless it's bacon. She doesn't share her bacon. I love her.