The Honeymoon's Over - part 9
Posted March 10, 2016 at 7:01 pm
When coming up with this section of the arc I wasn't sure if I'd have Jules discussing things over with Jack or Lyn... but as you've seen Lyn won out. The reasoning behind the decision to have Jules go to Lyn for advice was that he and Jack spent all that time alone together on their honeymoon. They were away so long because Jules was adjusting to his new life. Realistically he'd have been better served if they stayed home and he had the opportunity to learn from the pack instead of just Jack. Jack hasn't really ever been the biggest team player and he isn't really known for paying all that much attention to the werewolf lore and whatnot. So I decided that Jules now has to play catchup due to ritualistically being turned into a werewolf in his late twenties and having only his slacker husband for a teacher. I figured that would make for interesting stories when Jules meets the pack.