The Pack - part 17
Posted June 1, 2016 at 8:01 pm
We're basically done with the family drama aspect. I mean it'll come up again in future stuff but the arc is wrapping up and we're barrelling toward the end and with that the hint of where things will go this Summer. I wanted the person who came to get Lyn be a known supporter of hers and since Jules had the strip where he mentioned he'd be proud to vote for her, he seemed like the right choice. It could have been Gramps, but the way I figure he's basically done with the actual goings on of the pack now... so I didn't want it to be him. Also, I know a lot of folks aren't happy with Lyn's dad right now. That's fine. It's how it was written. I wanted Lyn to be put in a no win situation... she'll end up becoming stronger for it. It's character development and growth.