The Pack - part 19
Posted June 7, 2016 at 8:01 pm
We're kind of back! No intention on the back pun there... but yeah, I have a pinched nerve in my back so it's terribly painful to sit for long periods of time so making comics has been difficult. It's a thing that I've been dealing with for well over a year... I go to a chiropractor like every two weeks when I'm home. When I'm up in Montreal I haven't gone to get adjusted-- something I'm looking at changing the next time I go up in July... so my maintenance of said pinched nerve falls off. That lead to a severe issue with back pain for the last two weeks. I'll have a sudden burst of pain and if I'm not near something to grab hold of, my legs would go out and I'd hit the floor. It's been pretty rough. So that's why I wasn't ready to post comics for Monday and Tuesday, but hopefully things stay under control with pain relievers and chiropractor visits. For a while at least.