The Pack - part 26
Posted June 19, 2016 at 8:01 pm
I thought we needed a strip with Lyn's Grams and Gramps, they're her mom's folks, since they're not taking part in the hunt. In the next story that deals with the werewolves, that we'll see sometime later in the year or next year, they'll be focused on more... but we're almost done with this arc and it's just not time to really get involved with character development of the supporting cast. I'm not thrilled that these strips are going up so late in the day, but it's as fast as I can get them out to you with my back all screwed up. It's getting better, but there are days where it feels like there's no progress on the pinched nerve. But that's why I go see the chiropractor. I do plan on getting into yoga for the stretching and potentially some weight loss so that should help my back as well.