The year without a Santa Claus - part 32
Posted April 25, 2012 at 8:01 pm
This and tomorrow's strips wrap up the Santa arc. It got really long and moving to 5x a week updates hasn't helped the length of the arc... as I'm still trying to find my pacing. I try to get a decent cliffhanger style update for Fridays, so that led to a little bit of padding strips during this arc. Even though this is the third year of Zombie Roomie I'm still learning on the job. This is still my first comic project I've done. Just think how good ZR will be when I know what I'm doing! Hunter is going commando because of Glenda's spell destroying his symbiote suit. He's effectively free of his Hell influence, but he also lost his cool new Hellspawned powers. Whether or not he'll get back together with Glenda is still up in the air. The reindeer on the end is Ringo. He was in the first year's Christmas story and he was mentioned in passing during this arc too. I had planned to do more with Ringo and Rudolph, but I changed up some stuff and that kinda got scrapped... Maybe next Christmas we'll see more of them.