There Must Always Be A Lich King(s)
Posted October 28, 2010 at 8:01 pm
And so like the first of the Halloween strips for this year, I introduce another aspect of the guys' dorkiness... this time it's World of Warcraft. When I started Zombie Roomie, I had just quit playing WoW. I didn't start again until a month ago. In the meantime, my guild kept up the good work and they ended up becoming ranked #1 on the server for 10 man strict progression even getting to kill Arthas. This strip pretty much requires some working knowledge of the World of Warcraft... but you can basically get the gist of it here in this cinematic. I'm fairly certain this comic has THE MOST DETAIL on the characters and on multiple characters to date. It took me forever. Getting shiny metal armor to look decent in a dark room was a horrible experience... I'm not doing that again for a long while.
Tags: George, John, Wow