Til Death Do Us Part - part 12
Posted September 17, 2015 at 8:01 pm
I was going through my document that has the strips for this arc in it and I had a couple sentences about Zoey remarking about how she's having to dye her hair again because dating a zombie is stressful... but it didn't have a proper setup yet. There was a plan to try and wrap this arc up ASAP since we've been dealing with the greater wedding story for a long time... but I figured a few extra filler pieces worked well enough that I wanted to address the Zoey line in a strip. So I came up with the convention of the video message as a strip. This way Zoey would have a little privacy to where she could confide in the camera about what Jack may or may not be in for depending on the events of next week. It's not the most "ha ha" strip I've ever done, but it works in the context of this arc and it finally gives us the in comic reason why Zoey is dyeing her hair again. So I'll take that any day.