Til Death Do Us Part - part 3
Posted September 3, 2015 at 8:01 pm
Yep, this one is pretty dumb. But I laughed when I thought of it... so it got added to the arc. There was always the core joke to this, but the tone changed a little when I decided to just make George an usher. I made it feel more George-like. The two folks you don't recognize, most likely, are ZR readers who come into my streams from time to time. Since I needed two wedding guests that wouldn't know George's exploits I figured it was a good place to put some cameo appearances. I haven't had any cameos by readers since the Halloween party last year. I wonder if that's something I should try to include more often. Would you guys be down for that? What method for including people do you think I should use? Let me know through the various means of contacting you know how to use.