Till Death Do Us Part - part 1
Posted August 30, 2015 at 8:01 pm
We're diving right into the wedding arc. There's tons of things left to tie up from previous arcs, but we'll hit some of them as we go along. I wanted Lyn to let the others know about Blaine so now everyone is on the same page as the readers. Well, the readers know why he's still alive I guess. The characters will get that knowledge sometime.... just not yet. I added the red pin striping to Zoey's dress at the last minute since her style made it look like she was going to a funeral instead of a wedding... and especially with the title of the arc I didn't want to give that impression. So luckily Zoey frequently rocks stripes so it was an easy fix and I think she looks classy as hell with the change. After the wedding arc we'll have a pretty time jump since the bachelor party arc took place in one night and the wedding arc is the next day and it'll also be one day. We're technically in strips that are supposed to be taking place in June. So even as we approach Fall in the real world, try to keep that in mind. Okay? Okay.