Twistin' the Night Away
Posted April 7, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I admit it, this strip has nothing to do with either plot I've started recently. When I sat down to figure out what comic I wanted to do for you guys, I wasn't happy with the ideas that I had coming to me for either... so I did a one-off. I like having both guys seeing someone so they can do these double date kinda things. Plus, with the addition of an outsider I can do the revelation of something zombie-like that weirds someone out strips. By now both John and Zoey are pretty numb to George's deal... It would also seem that George has all manner of tools at the ready. Although, I'd have to assume that saws and cutting instruments would be handy for a zombie who wants to portion up his meals... so, it's not so strange for George to have these tools I guess.