Posted April 10, 2011 at 8:01 pm
This weekend on Spike, they played the original trilogy Star Wars marathon. I ended up watching all three flicks almost in their entirety, twice... So, when I thought about what comic to do for Monday, I couldn't help but wander towards doing something Star Wars related. With George being an enormous fanboy I've done a couple Star Wars based strips in the past, so the problem of doing something new lead me to think about the Jawas (the little junk peddlers on Tatooine). What kind of stuff would they try to sell to folks in our society? I came up with various things from vacuum cleaners to fans... in the end I went with the laptop and a hand mixer... The laptop being a technological wonder and the hand mixer cause it was funny. I just know George is far more excited about the Jawas than whatever they're schilling. UTINNI!
Tags: George, John, Jawas