V-Day plus 1
Posted February 14, 2013 at 7:01 pm
I haven't previously addressed Valentine's day in Zombie Roomie in the years the comic has been going on. I never really had a reason or idea for it I guess... This year I wanted to  do something with it since I was in a relationship heaving portion of the story. George and Zoey weren't ready for a V-Day strip, but we'll get to them soon... so I figured I could tie it into the wrap up for the arc with John and Lyn. That led me to try and figure something out that was funny/clever/etc. I thought having Lyn forget about Valentine's day would be a nice play on the stereotype that the guy screws up the romantic evening. John would have planned something and Lyn would be scrambling to hind the fact she forgot. Plus the single Lizzy with oodles of chocolate in the tub made me laugh.