Wet Dog
Posted September 16, 2012 at 8:01 pm
Over the weekend I pulled a muscle in my neck and had a lot of extra stuff to do so I wasn't able get to where I wanted to on the comic for Monday, but I did get a lot of this Lyn pinup done. Eventually I want to add some more details like shampoo bottles and what not, but I wanted to get something up on the site for today to let you know I didn't forget you guys... It's just pretty difficult to draw with a pulled neck muscle. You wouldn't think that might be the case, but you'd be wrong. It pulls whenever I move my shoulder and ever since college I've drawn from my shoulder, so it's all the time. I've had plans for a "Girls of Zombie Roomie" print set for a while and this will be part of that when I get it finalized. People keep asking me for sexy pinups of the guys and that's something that's a little more difficult for me as I'm not sure what kind of fairly tasteful pinups girls or gay guys would like to see. If you guys have examples, and I don' t mean actual porn, let me know and I'll start the brain cycles going on that for down the road.