Posted January 7, 2014 at 7:01 pm
There's a bit of real life bleeding into this strip. Tuesday morning the pipes were frozen and one did burst... lots of water. It ended up being something I could use to help bring Lyn into her new surroundings and show she's a take charge kinda gal. Even when that taking charge creates more work for her than need be. I like adding little quirks to the characters like that. I see it as an extension of her wolf side... along with how she rides a motorcycle/etc. It's also something nice to play off of John's traits as he'd rather not have to go out of his way to get his hands dirty. Hell, he probably doesn't even own his own tools. Panel one does something with the border I've toyed with doing in the past, but never really pulled the trigger and went with it... How the sink's silhouette is cut out of the frame. I've thought about doing something like that several times, but I've always backed away from it. I didn't want to put the sink and pipes in there and blur them or something-- I thought this was as good as ever to use this technique.