What happened in Vegas? - part 6
Posted November 20, 2012 at 7:01 pm
Okay, for those of you not on my Twitter or the Zombie Roomie Facebook page... you might be wondering what was up with the comic this week. As you might know from other blurbs under comics, my computer had been a jerk for a while. And with yet another Photoshop crash on Monday's comic I decided it was time to format/reinstall everything. Then that process ended up taking way longer than I anticipated causing me to miss Tuesday in addition to Monday. I'm hopeful that I wont have computer based hiccups with creating the comic in the near future and that the time I took making my computer factory fresh again pays off. With any luck we'll get back on a consistent schedule. In regards to the current story, we'll see some movement with George's condition before long and we'll figure out how he was rezombified and hopefully get to a point to where we'll have some stability with the comic again too!