What happens in Vegas... - part 14
Posted October 15, 2012 at 8:01 pm
I'm not actually sure what these strips should be called that aren't dealing with George and Zoey with the Vegas trip. I broke free from the naming convention to get the Mists of Pandaria name pun for a title for yesterday's strip... but when it came to naming today's I wasn't sure what numbering to go with. In the end I decided to count yesterday's at 13 and to just go ahead and number this one 14. I 've been wanting to get Glenda back to her normal Glenda-ness for a while and after the last time she was in the strip I figured she's been haggard long enough. I also wanted to change up her costuming a little due to her return to her normal state. She's going to celebrate her vanity a little and a vain witch is going get new duds.