What happens in Vegas... - part 8
Posted October 2, 2012 at 8:01 pm
Even though I'm just now getting around to showing them... I've known what Zoey's family has been like for the last two years. Her parents and her little brother have just been living in my brain waiting until it was time for me to put them in the comic. I had an idea that would have been their original introduction a while ago, probably around the time I came up with them... but I'm glad I held off as their character designs are much more solid than they would have been if I rushed them and put them into the comic right after the world tour ended like I was thinking I would. Also, I've decided to put Zoey back in her big assed pigtails as I missed them. I figure since she was manipulating George's 'do... that he would have remarked that he wished she went back to that look. There wasn't anything particularly funny about going back to pigtails over the ponytail so I didn't figure it needed to be a comic.