What she sees in him - part 7
Posted June 20, 2013 at 8:01 pm
So we're sort of clued into who Lizzy was talking to in the last strip of the arc. I've been having fun coming up with the different locations to put the strip in... so for today I didn't want Lizzy and Zoey just chilling at the coffee shop or in their apartment. I ended up with the idea of yoga. Running with the yoga theme, I figured Lizzy wouldn't be wearing her glasses while going through the various postures. Also, since you're going to work up a sweat... Zoey wouldn't be sporting her goth makeup. That let me play with the idea of not doing lipstick-style lips on Zoey for today. Normally she will have them as she wears lots, and lots of makeup... but today without the makeup the lips don't get emphasized. It's also something for when the girls are ready for bed or what have you.