What she sees in him - part 8
Posted June 23, 2013 at 8:01 pm
We're sticking with the Lizzy arc for the rest of the week, since I want to move it along and we'll have enough of the rest of the cast pop in that I'm comfortable not having to duck out into any one-offs. I've put in the order for the Shamblers shirt and will be sending out the pre-orders as soon as possible (they're ordering and printing the shirts still). I'm considering starting some prints to add to the store as well. The idea of doing pinups of the cast has been something people have been interested in the past... the "Girls of Zombie Roomie" and occasional "Dudes of..." as well. I have a poster idea for Zombie-man in mind, but he's getting a new costume soon so I might hold off for that. Shoot me an email if there's something special you'd like to have as the subject of a print.