What she sees in him - part 9
Posted June 25, 2013 at 8:01 pm
Yes, I know Lizzy is normally more confident... this is a bout of nervous stress. It will pass. Lizzy and White_Rabbit86's coffee date will be the focus of Friday's strip. Next week we'll keep on with this arc and the fallout and how it dovetails into the next arc. Apparently I typo'd his handle in the yoga strip. I had it down as "96" but that was just my fat fingers hitting the wrong key. I went back and fixed it already. I know you guys wouldn't have known it was wrong, but it was and since I mentioned it in this strip, I figured someone would have noticed that the two occurrences were different. I'm starting to really get the hang of Lizzy's look now I think. I like how she turned out in panel 2, a lot. Lizzy's line in panel three comes from a conversation I had with my friend Mary from Internet Webcomic. She was talking about how she's not a girly girl and doesn't do the dresses and makeup. I thought it was a hilarious line and knew this Lizzy arc was coming up and thought it would fit nicely.