What's in a name? - part 2
Posted February 25, 2016 at 7:01 pm
With introducing Annie, the new ghost, as "living" with Buffy... it allows me to play off another odd couple dynamic in the same way we have with John and George, John and Lyn, and Glenda and Lizzy. Buffy and Drew didn't really fall into that category and they ended up just being boring and not used. It's a big reason I went nuclear with Drew and made him no longer a ghost. This arc is going to be pretty short. I have a little more to do with it and it'll introduce another stripper at the club, but it's not going to be anything super plot heavy or anything. Speaking of plot heavy... we're in a semi calm before the storm period. I know some people are getting anxious waiting for something to happen... and believe me when I say stuff is coming. We have Blaine, John's ring he bought, the reunion, and several other super spoilery things I'm not going to mention... I just wanted to address the fact that I know you're potentially sitting there going, "Do something!" I can only say, "Just wait..." Here's Seffie looking silly to tide you over. 12787396_10153940297261585_1099617418_o