Posted June 5, 2011 at 8:01 pm
Like I said in the blurb for Friday's comic, I had this comic written before the one with Lizzy and Zoey at Fivebucks Coffee... but I ended up wanting to get back to Lizzy since she ended up being a popular addition to the cast. We'll certainly be seeing more of her before long, but I wanted to get back with Valerie since she's been sidelined for a bit while the guys were packing and what not. The guys' apartment isn't 100% ready so I've been doing strips outside or in other locations while I finish figuring out how I want it to look, but since they're grilling I figured they could use a picnic table off of the parking lot/pool area. So, if you were wondering where that fence was... there you go. When I wrote this strip, it really felt like something that would be up Bill's alley... so I asked him to punch up the dialogue if he had the time. I think he really helped push the strip along and since he had a hand in the creation of the Valerie character, it helped bring her voice to the text as well. Thanks Bill.