Writers Block - part 3
Posted September 14, 2014 at 8:01 pm
I think we'll have two more of these "behind the scenes" comics before we get back to anything involving story stuff. These are silly and sometimes just doing something silly is what the doctor ordered. The numerous redesigns and updates to George have to go somewhere. In this dynamic, there probably are other closets around... but they're not important to this gag. I thought about including the George as a human version, but he was probably eaten in the storage closet. Some of these versions are so different from my current style and take on George that it was difficult to replicate them. The one on the far right is George as he first appeared in the strip. Since he was drawn on paper and scanned into the computer instead of being wholly digital like the other versions, his line art would be a little more gritty and there would be some holes in the blacks. Replicating that look digitally took me using another brush for him and tada, I got something that feels like original George without having to draw him on paper and scan him in.