Writers Block - part 4
Posted September 16, 2014 at 8:01 pm
When I first came up with this arc, this strip was John finding a stash of other John versions. He didn't want the other character to brain them so he lied about what was in the closet. After doing Monday's strip where George finds the other Georges and likes what he sees, I realized it was effectively the same strip so I had to change it. I then went with minor characters that we haven't seen in forever that have just gone away without explanation... This is where they are apparently. I asked people on Facebook what minor character they wanted to see more of... only one of these characters was mentioned so I guess you guys were fine with them being tossed in dark room. Can you name each of the six characters in there? I realize a werewolf could kill almost anything that would come out of the closets without a bat, but I think it's funny. I also didn't originally plan for it to be Jack... the first panel throw away line of John's that I added in meant it should be Jack or Francis. At first I was thinking I'd have it be George or even one of George's duplicates... but adding that line changed that up.