Zombies at the Altar - part 16
Posted February 27, 2017 at 7:01 pm
I might be the only one, but when I wrote the bit about Undead-American I giggled. It's so stupid... Yes, this isn't the first time the government tried to make nice with zombies... we'll sort of get some backstory to that as we go along, but it's also something I'd like to visit in another arc later to really flesh it out. I liked some of the film title card stuff I did for this and how the area where the General is standing in front of the screen isn't lit up because he's blocking the projector. I thought that looked pretty nifty. On the broken finger front, I changed my sheets and mattress protector thingy and that little bit of different movement made my broken finger throb with pain. I thought I was a lot better but doing something like that proved I was still injured.