Zombies at the Altar - part 5
Posted February 12, 2017 at 7:01 pm
Max returns to the arc that she started... this time in the form of a commercial. This part of the arc being shown on television lent itself to having the commercial air, so I came up with something to occur during the break where this was to be on and that's what led to Friday's strip in my planning. It's hard making Max look like a zombie, since she always has the ability to stave her undead hunger which stops the decomposition process... so I have to just focus on the zombie visual language that I developed for ZR (blue skin, reversed/glowing eyes/lip wrinkles). I do like having her in strips with Richard, the zombie union rep, since he's much more on the opposite side of the decomposition spectrum. I'll have to remember to add him back in strips with her. This weekend I did a pin-up for $10+ Patreon patrons that I was particularly happy with so I did a cropped version to share: selfiepreview I need to write more Lizzy comics. She's fun to draw now that I got her design where I like it.