Lyn Pin up
Posted August 9, 2019 at 12:00 am

So last month I said if a post on Facebook got enough likes we'd have a nude pin up of Lyn. You guys got as far as her being in underwear. I edited and changed seasons on a pin up I did for Patreon as the drawing I was working on for this specifically felt really "meh" and I really liked this one.

And to get to why there hasn't been any updates to ZR in a bit...

I've just been really down with my creativity when it has come to the comic of late and I was struggling a lot with the upcoming strips. They just weren't making me happy and I took a step back.

During that time I wrote two chapters of my upcoming other comic, Maho Noir. That was very refreshing to write as it's quite different from Zombie Roomie-- it's going to be told in 12 comic book sized page chapters. Writing for a longform story with pages like that is a much, much different style than writing for a comic strip. Plus, it's a new thing so I don't have a decade of continuity to juggle or fudge. Eventually I'll have both comics up and going, but they won't be on schedules that require constant updates from both.

Writing for something other than ZR was a good way to allow me to take a step back and when I went back to writing for this comic I had less baggage weighing down the strips... I could see what was working and what wasn't. I'm not promising we'll be getting updates over here right away, but they're coming.

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