A Hero Rises - part 2
Posted November 9, 2010 at 7:01 pm
The break in storyline continues and we see that George is taking it a lot harder than John is. He's started keeping watch over the living room during the night since he believes that at any minute the robbers will return to finish the job. Just so everyone is aware of the pacing I'm looking for, this storyline is scheduled to go up until Thanksgiving. So that's five or six more comics before anything is really resolved... I'm just building up and even after the Thanksgiving strips we'll probably have some threads from this arc to deal with. I'm not doing another six month storyline like the World Tour, but don't expect me to be done with this by like Friday... just a heads up. Speaking of "heads up"... Who here remembers "Heads up/Seven up"? We used to have to play it during indoor recess in elementary school. People would put their heads down, close their eyes, and seven students would go touch the thumbs of some unwitting student. The students who had their thumbs touched would then have to guess which of the seven did the touching. That was a weird game. That has nothing to do with this comic or storyline... just something wacky that popped into my head whilst writing this blurb.
Tags: George, John