A Hero Rises - part 4
Posted November 14, 2010 at 7:01 pm
George seems to be on the mend and has lofty plans that he'll set in motion for the rest of this story arc, while John files the insurance claims... Somebody is going to have more fun... Three guesses... I seem to draw zombie ass a bunch as this is the third time we've seen George's butt in Zombie Roomie. The first time was back in "Thar she blows", then again with John's butt too in "Heads and Tails"... I've also drawn George a bit more muscular than I have in the past. In addition to getting over his recent bout of decomposition... He's been working out and since a zombie's diet is high in protein, muscle mass is easily put on for a zombie. He's going to need it in his new role as a symbol of hope for the down trodden...
Tags: George, John