A Hero Rises - part 7
Posted November 21, 2010 at 7:01 pm
George has actually dealt with Batman in the past. In the comic “Why so serious?” we find out Batman is a jerk… he’s awesome, but he’s an awesome jerk. Since Zoey is letting her dork flag fly… I wanted to have her in a logo t-shirt. I asked on Twitter of my followers whom would like to have their logo used as a t-shirt for this comic… very shortly after asking... I got a response from Brian Patterson (d20monkey). So, Zoey is wearing a d20 Monkey shirt. One of the characters over there, Brett, is paying back Zombie Roomie the favor it would seem as well. I’m going to take a quick break in this “A Hero Rises” story arc for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll come back to it next Monday… This Wednesday we’ll have our customary Thanksgiving strip and then on Friday I’m going to do a one-off involving some of the monsters. I had planned to have the first part of the break in/hero story done today, but in the planning I decided it was too rushed. When we pick back up next Monday we'll have George getting his costume and stuff instead of just having it at the end of today's comic.
Tags: George, Zoey