A little fishy
Posted February 9, 2014 at 7:01 pm
The next comic in the Zombie-man arc just wasn't coming together the way I wanted... the setup wasn't as strong as it should be, so I went to the idea bin and plucked this one out. It's a one panel as that's what the gag required. It also was picked because of that as I decided pretty late into the night that I wasn't happy with how the Zombie-man comic was going and I needed something I knew I could get done even with putting in some work. I liked the quiet moment between Lyn and John on a date juxtaposed with Jamal's freaking out outside the window. I also liked being able to have General Chong's as a location, even if limited... since we've only ever seen the restaurant as a delivery. I think I'll be developing it a little more as it makes a good date restaurant-- well better than Lenny's.