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Posted May 3, 2011 at 8:01 pm
Back when I first started designing the website for what would become Zombie Roomie I went through several layouts and one of them included a header image instead of the side saddle logo with advertisement up top. That header image had John and George in it where John would be concerned at George admiring a human brain... That idea of George looking fondly at a brain hasn't ever really left my brain... So, when I wasn't feeling the comic that I had started for today... I reached back into the idea sack and pulled out this "got milk?" parody dealy. I like the new shirt I've been putting George in, but I didn't think this kind of "photo shoot" kind of image would be the time to have him in the shorts I had designed with this shirt, but I never really thought of the new clothes for the guys as a 100% replacement... they're just stuff they also will wear so I can mix and match at will. I'm just glad I've figured something else for George to wear as that turtleneck was a pain sometimes.
Tags: George