Ask the Cast - George
Posted September 28, 2018 at 12:00 am

This strip went up far later in the day due to the dog being super, duper codependent today.

We found out that he's most likely anxious due to the thyroid medication he's on spiking his levels to where he's on the higher end of the spectrum, as seen in his blood work-- and apparently that causes dogs to have anxiety. Which makes sense since it's only really shown while my fiancee is at work and I'm left alone with the dog. He's very much her dog and he calms the eff down while she's here...

But while she's not, I barely get five to ten minutes without him whining, crying, or howling at me. I'm left trying to figure out what he wants to make him calm down... putting him outside on a chain, feeding him, taking him for a walk... It's basically just trying to guess and frequently I don't get the "right" answer and within a minute of finishing one task he's already back at howling or crying.

So I'm really jazzed at the idea that this isn't a behavioral change and perhaps us dropping his dosage, under vet's orders, we might see him return more to the chill dog he used to be and I can have some sanity return to my days.