Caberet Conundrum - part 7
Posted September 20, 2011 at 10:01 pm
This strip, even without a ha-ha style punchline, is the glue that ties the strip club arc back into the larger Hunter arc. I wanted to have George confronted with the other side of the argument for taking a dive, but not just in an in your face kinda way. The anti-dive argument was firmly established by Jamal already. In the original outline of strips for the Pink Taco mini arc, I had Buffy talking to John which lead to the gag with the sparkling vampire bit... but I instead went with George and Vlad in a three joke strip and moved it later in the arc... There's one more strip in this arc that bookends this and puts us firmly back into the Hunter show stuff that is likely a double-sized strip that will come out on Friday. I'm still putting together the next of the Hunter stuff in my head so I'm not sure if that'll start on Monday or if I'll do some kind of one off gag instead.