World Tour Epilogue - part 3
Posted September 16, 2010 at 8:01 pm
And with this strip comes a close to the World Tour/Search for a Soul storyline. In the relatively short period of time that I've been doing Zombie Roomie so far, this story has been about half or more of the driving plot. That's about six months out of the year if you were wondering. Sure I've ducked out of the story from time to time to do strange one-offs, "A Zombie's Survival Guide" strips, and a strip or two to see what the folks back home were doing... but, I had the idea for the guys to go around the world very shortly after creating the comic so I wanted to do it. I know that some people had gotten tired of the road trip aspect of the comic, as I've heard it second hand... but, I do hope that the strange locations and stranger guest stars helped flesh out the world in which John and George inhabit. Monday I'm going to do a one-off in the same vein as the D00RKS comic as a cool down period before we get into any other strips. I have a short story that will introduce another supernatural character to the supporting cast that happens immediately when the guys enter their apartment so I wanted to give you guys, the readers, a quick break before that story starts. But if you stuck with the comic from at least the start of the World Tour until now, thank you. If you've been here longer... a bigger thank you. If you know someone who didn't like the World Tour, let um know it's over and it's safe to come back. No matter what kind of reader you are, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the World Tour whether it's in the comments below, a message on Twitter, or on the Facebook page.
Tags: George, John