Posted October 24, 2010 at 8:01 pm
Ever since I started Zombie Roomie people have asked, "Why doesn't George eat John?" Well, now you've seen their first meeting. The shared feelings of Jar Jar Binks was the start of their friendship. The third panel may be the most violent panel I've had in the comic. In the past, I was very cautious about showing too much gratuitous violence... mainly because I wanted it to mean something when I would actually show it. Some people have wondered if George actually was the zombie who killed Drew... This strip proves it. And his reason for it too. Since I was doing a flashback, I had to draw George's old hairstyle. I much prefer his new 'do but it's in continuity that he changed it during their time abroad for the World Tour. So, I had to have him with the old spiky pompadour for the past. John also isn't wearing his white long sleeved shirt and hist hair/beard are closer to the old appearance. So yeah, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Zombie Roomie. I'm really glad I've been able to hit this milestone. I don't know if Zombie Roomie will ever be a big success, but just getting to the one year mark is something to be proud of... and I am. Thank you.
Tags: Drew, George, John