Posted March 29, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I've been wanting to introduce a new foil for George for a while now... You know, since Valerie looked to be someone that would give him grief, but in the end she and John became a couple and he has to tolerate her... Instead of the hippie next door... he'll have to deal with an actual zombie hunter. I had come up with the idea of a guy who was essentially the Crocodile hunter, but instead of big reptiles... he wrangled zombies. The problem was I was trying to caricature Steve Irwin and it just didn't work. I could get him to look like him, that's not the problem... I just felt having him look the same and parody his catch phrases was too much... it was kind of wrong to use that much of him for the character. So, I changed up the idea of the character to go more for the Bruce Campbell look and blend the two together to help lead what kind of things he'd do. That all led to Hunter: The Zombie Hunter. I like the name Hunter and thought it was funny for his job and name to be the same word. Also, since very few characters in Zombie Roomie have a last name that is known by the audience (Vlad and Francis), just calling him Hunter kind of works. We'll start seeing more of Hunter before long and it'll be fun to have him and George at odds. It'll be nice to have someone for George to play off of.... it's a character ZR has needed for a bit.