Kid Tested
Posted June 12, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I'm having issues getting past a bit of writer's block. I have ideas for stuff that I want to happen in the comic, but getting there while being funny is a problem lately. I've had people tell me that they're fine going a strip or two where it's just buildup, but when you do a three-day a week comic like Zombie Roomie... you have to at least try and have a humorous gag in every strip even if it's moving the plot along. Or if it's dramatic or something... you just have to end on a specific beat. That's the issue I'm having... The beats aren't coming to me right now. So, I'm going to try and figure something out, but I'm not going to directly move the plot along for a bit as I work/rework some jokes/gags/thingies for the upcoming strips. I'm still doing strips for you guys, but they're not going to be super deep or thought provoking I'm afraid... Just things like this or random bits that make me giggle as I come up with them.