A Zombie's Survival Guide: Liquid Diet
Posted June 22, 2010 at 8:01 pm
This joke where George is drinking from a pool is the first gag I came up with when creating what was to become Zombie Roomie. Human soup wherein the broth was created by sitting in a pool was something that I thought would be funny if a zombie were sipping from a ladle. I then continued to come up with zombie gag after zombie gag as they were effectively writing themselves.... So, I decided I needed to have one of the main characters be a zombie as that's what I wanted to write/draw a comic about. It was always planned to be a single panel comic, but the "A Zombie's Survival Guide" addition to it was new. I hadn't planned on doing these little Zombie Union propaganda bits way back in the beginning of the comic. I've updated Zoey's look a little, not much but I think she looks better. John's arm candy doesn't have a name currently, but she's not in the comic as of yet... if she ever actually becomes a character I'll be sure to name her. Her swimming suit is the interlocking lizards by M.C. Escher.