Looking for Group - part 10
Posted March 14, 2013 at 8:01 pm
So George is going to be the face of a line of products that may or may not be sex toys... This girl zombie still is strange to draw because it's hard to have her look too much like how I do zombies in ZR and not just look old and disgusting. It's a strange thing with female comic characters that any lines you put on their face add years and years to how old they look. I'm not trying to make her look like she's too much older than the majority of the characters in the supporting cast, so it's a challenge that I haven't really had to deal with when I'd add stuff on George's face. The support group portion of the arc will wrap up next week and we'll have some more typically ZR strips and get back to George as the spokeszombie for her company... and what that company/product line is. It's probably not sex toys.