Posted March 27, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I've been pondering the next storyline for a while and while I was outlining it I decided to have a different twist/turn/what have you at the start... So, I wasn't ready to start it up since I want to make sure the whole arc makes sense. That explains why I did another one-off for today's comic. Fivebucks Coffee goes back to some of the earliest strips in the comic. Seen here, here, and here in various ways... it's the de facto coffee shop in the Zombie Roomie world. I've finally got the logo the way I want it though... it's a benefit of working on the same comic for a while and progressing in various ways. The familiar brands that are just a little different are something that I really like doing in the comic... Lenny's (Denny's), King Burger (Burger King), Burning Issue (Hot Topic), and Fivebucks Coffee (Starbucks Coffee). It's parody and world building all in one.