Origin - part 10
Posted March 9, 2018 at 3:22 am
I know this went up on a Friday instead of the normal Thursday, but things got in the way of normal work and posting.

I'm changing up my schedule to include more formal writing time each week instead of just at the beginning of an arc or during the day for one offs. It's something most creators likely do, it's just something I haven't ever really done in the several years of ZR so far. I'm hoping it leads to writing strips 100% before I get to them in the arc-- a lot of the time I have to piece together stuff from a loose outline that I have prepped before I start the storyline.

I changed up Lyn's hair a little. I cut a couple inches off of the bottom since the last time she was in the comic. I think it gets the look I was going for across better. And it's still pretty cute.

John's little beanie was going to be a part of a whole breaking and entering get up and George was going to wear black camo makeup but with his white coat it looked quite goofy so things just got dropped. I kept the hat on John since I had drawn it and figured he just had it in a jacket pocket.
Tags: Lyn, John, George, Zoey