Origin - Track 2
Posted July 23, 2018 at 12:01 am
Things are still tight financially, but I need to get back to ZR. 

I'm trying a new schedule where I work on commissions, comics, Patreon rewards, and try to have a life outside of drawing programs too. So far I've got the first three going but life has been on short supply with seeing a movie and doing work around the apartment.

We're going with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday single row strip update right now. I know the site says Tuesday/Thursday but I don't want to bug Hiveworks' tech to change it until I feel good about it for a few weeks.

The plan is three ZR strips a week, at least two commissions, Patreon rewards, and try to start in on the second comic so I can have the first chapter ready to post for October.

Oh, Viviane has a job interview on Tuesday so think good thoughts and send positive vibes her way if you would.
Tags: John, Karen