Pumpkin Head - end
Posted December 5, 2018 at 12:00 am

There'll be an epilogue strip that puts a bow on this arc, but I wanted it to be over so we're done. It's about where it was supposed to end when it was originally written up-- just much later in real time due to the time off for commission work.

Dany, my Siamese cat, is doing a lot better than she had been. She is getting over her cold and eye infection that she had for the last couple of weeks and her poo situation is doing a better since she now gets fed separately than the other cats so she doesn't have access to canned food. She also sleeps on the bed with me and Viviane-- she hadn't done yet during the time we've been in Montreal. She's a lot closer to how she was back in the States which makes me feel good.

I'll be trying to have the epilogue up for Friday and do some Patreon work this weekend. 

Tags: Lizzy, Lyn