Request stop
Posted November 22, 2021 at 12:00 am

In the current and legacy versions of the comic, George doesn't drive.

Living in Montreal, I tend to take public transportation-- well, I did pre-pandemic, a lot more since where I lived in Missouri didn't have any. So I'm looking forward to including the subway stations and bus stops, etc. as locations when it makes sense. Lizzy also didn't drive in legacy... so I'll be adding more characters that use public transportation primarily due to the city they're in now having that infrastructure and me knowing it better.

When/if Hiveworks' tech helps me out with the French module to run the archive on the site, I'll have to change the "request stop" in the comic so I changed up how I normally do my effect fonts' colors and had them done with layer styles in Photoshop so they'll be exactly the same for the French version. Not super interesting but just something I had to think about for doing two versions of a comic now.

Tags: George, Zoey